H3 : Healthy HAPPY HOUR

H3 : Healthy HAPPY HOUR

Invitation for Exclusive PRIVATE EVENT and Film Documentary Premiere

Please join Hans and Martha Schuon, SCHUON KITCHEN & BATHS www.skbi.com, and event partner Sherry Mongesku, N2 PUBLISHING / ON THE RIVER MAGAZINE, for the H3 : HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR; featuring the ART WORK of Scarlett Meredith and Laura Bowman from Denise Jackson's EMERGING ART SCENE and benefiting charities SONFLOWER MINISTRIES and HANDS OF LOVE. Guests will enjoy a special preview of the Schuon Family History Film Documentary.

RAFFLE: $10.00 for 2 Tix, CASH only, all proceeds go to Benefiting Charities

RSVP: contact@skbi.com

Event Details

Place: 280 South Atlanta ST, STE 200, Roswell, GA 30075

Starts: 25th October 2017 6:00 AM
Ends: 25th October 2017 8:00 PM

Price: Free

Type: Launch/Premiere